TAMPA, Florida— A huge hole in the side of James McNeil’s apartment remains boarded up nearly three weeks after a SUV plowed into his 3-bedroom unit a the Deer Path on the Lake Apartment Complex in Tampa.

The crash took place back on February 24 at the complex located along Armenia Avenue just north of Linebaugh. Since then, the McNeil’s say their apartment has not been fixed and the insurance company representing the driver has done nothing to help them find temporary housing or move into a new home.

Management at the apartment complex where the McNeil’s live did put James along with his wife and two kids up in a local hotel for one week, but after that, they were on their own.

With their apartment unlivable, the family is staying with James’ parents all the way over in St. Petersburg, far away from their jobs and their kids’ school, until they can find a new place to live.

For now, James says he searching for a new apartment. But moving isn’t cheap.

10News stopped by the apartment complex’s leasing office Tuesday afternoon, where property management has offered to move the family into a new apartment. The complex, however, doesn’t have any three-bedroom units currently available for the family of five. The property manager is also requiring they sign a brand new lease, even though their current lease would have expired this summer.

Other apartments the family has found are either more expensive or require a high-priced deposit.

The McNeil’s say they have tried filing a claim with the SUV driver’s Atlanta-based Access Insurance, but that company hasn’t yet offered any assistance to cover damage or moving expenses.

So for now, all of the family’s belonging sit locked up inside their condemned unit, surrounded by crime scene tape, with just a board over the giant hole.

The family continues their search for a new apartment but says they still need assistance with the cost of moving, worried they soon could find themselves on the streets.

10Investigates contacted the driver’s insurance company, but an employee told us they didn’t have anyone available to discuss the case.

We will continue to press the company for updates on the family’s insurance claim and let you know when they end up in a new home.