Florida Dance Theatre's studio floor in Lakeland is ruined after Irma. The wind and the rain caused some of the damage, but it's not entirely to blame.

"In hurricanes, you expect damage, but you don't expect humans to be the reason for the damage," Jane Bell, a spokesperson for the nonprofit theater, said.

She said looters took advantage of an empty building. They broke in and stole computers and cash. Heavy winds blew rain inside the ballet studio and ruined the floor, props and costumes.

"I feel sorry for the kind of person and what life events would lead up to somebody doing something like this," Bell said.

Sometimes catastrophes reveal the worst in people, but they also bring out the best. Libbie Combee and a team of volunteers have been dropping food off at fire stations throughout Lakeland all week.

"These are our first responders, and they put their lives on the line and they're out there in the hurricane," she said.

The firefighters have had a busy week.

"They have to be away from their families during this time, so the least we can do is feed them," Combee said.

The good in the community is what we'll remember, long after the storm passes and the sky clears.

Folks at the Florida Dance Theatre are hoping to see some of the good in the community too. They're hoping people can come together to repair the floor and donate new costumes and props. You can make a donation on their Facebook page.