TAMPA, Fla,. -- Head down to the Tampa Convention Center this week and you'll see what 90,000 square feet of cutting edge military technology looks like.

From drones to armored vehicles. Weapons to virtual reality. 11,000 vendors are all angling for military contracts at SOFIC. The special operations forces industry conference.

From hardware to software, the vendors are all trying to meet a need, something ground troops have sent up the ranks that would help them do their jobs more safely and effectively.

A handful of top brass eventually decides what might fly.

Among the most impressive advancements? The closest thing yet to a real iron-man suit.

Col. James Miller explained how the tactical assault light operation suit is coming together. A Prototype is expected late next year.

The suit is designed to create super soldiers.

It has layers of cooling, integrated technology and body armor - all supported by an exoskeleton.

Pneumatics, electronics, and hydraulics, all working in sync to give the person wearing the suit the ability to move as though they're not wearing hundreds of pounds of equipment.

Colonel Miller says there's no plan to weaponize the suit. And no, it doesn't fly.

Their goal is to give whoever's wearing it - the tactical advantage - of survival.