It's a tradition as old as radio itself, Christmas music during the holidays. The debate persists year after year: When is it okay to start playing Christmas music?

“I'm a guy that likes it after Thanksgiving,” Kris Johnson said. “People forget about Thanksgiving. We should be worrying about what we're thankful for first, and then jump into Christmas after.”

Johnson’s son Kaiden disagrees. He said you can start listening to it as early as October.

“I think it puts people in a good mood,” he said.

To finally put an end to this debate, we went to Tim Clarke, a radio executive at Cox Media. That company is in charge of 105.5 WDUV, home of 24/7 Christmas music during the holidays.

“Like anything we do, we listen to the feedback of our listeners,” Tim Clarke said. “We obviously stay really in tune to what they're asking for. I think this year's really interesting, because people are eager for the season, and the music is really a derivative of the season.”

Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer; even for them. However, WDUV hasn’t started playing Christmas music just yet.

They say they gauge what the audience wants on a year-to-year basis, so if you want Christmas music you should call their request line!