A JetBlue board game that came with a round-trip voucher sold out almost immediately on Tuesday, infuriating shoppers who questioned if the game had ever actually been available.

The limited-edition game Get Packing!, cost $19.99 and went on sale Dec. 12 at noon.

Only 200 games were available, which were gone from Amazon "within seconds," the airliner said in a Tweet.

In a statement to CBSMiami, JetBlue says they will be restocking the game on Dec. 18.

“We are aware of the current situation and are working diligently with Amazon to confirm all sales are legitimate and further investigating any potential bot and/or reseller scenarios."

Many shoppers took to social media to voice their concerns about the legitimacy of the games and automated bots taking the games.

The travel-themed game, gained popularity through its unique offer of a voucher.