Can you just picture yourself in your retirement? Tropical shirt. Flip flops, and cold drink never too far away?

Well, Margaritaville isn't coming to the Bay Area Just yet, but entertainer Jimmy Buffett has now teamed up with the community builder Minto, to develop retirement communities with a Margaritaville theme.

“I'm a Margaritaville kinda guy,” said ted Reynold, who retired to the Bay Area from Kansas.

Come Monday, or just about any other day for that matter, you'll find Reynolds, enjoying the laid-back - Florida Keys lifestyle of Ruskin's Little Harbour.

“Well, I kinda like this stuff,” said Reynolds holding up a cold drink, “And I kinda like the party life and atmosphere.”

No shortage of boat drinks, just changes in attitudes that make this the right place for Reynolds and other perennial parrot heads.

A perfect spot to be if the volcano ever blows.

“Anybody that's an extrovert, and likes to get around other people, it's just, a wonderful lifestyle, you know?” said Reynolds.

At the Getaway, a waterfront bar in St. Petersburg, there's booze in the blender and cheeseburgers in paradise.

“Parrot heads are everywhere,” said Jack Keys, soaking up the atmosphere.

Keys sand other say it’s a laid-back lifestyle they could definitely see themselves living in their retirement.

“Oh yeah, this is fantastic,” said dan Hill, originally from Philadelphia.

“Besides the atmosphere of just being on the water and beautiful beaches. It's got everything,” added Beth Keys.

Minto, seizing on that flip-flop frame of mind, has partnered with Buffet to build Margaritaville-themed retirement communities.

They’ve already started one in Daytona, and have started eying other locations.

Minto's Senior VP, William Bullock, says they haven't yet identified one particular harbor in the Bay Area. But with easy access to airports, health care, food and entertainment, the region, says Bullock, fits the bill of a spot they would definitely consider.

“You know, it's a relaxed atmosphere where everybody is buddies, and you don't have any enemies,” said Reynolds, “And you know you just live a happy life, you know?

Today on 10News at 5:30 pm, reporter Eric Glasser is taking a look at Tampa's chances of landing such a community.