LAKELAND, Fla. -- A Lakeland family just wants their dog back.

Brody, the family’s Maltese, escaped from its back yard on Saturday.  Brody found the one place in the yard that wasn’t protected by electrical fence and got away

A neighbor in a nearby subdivision found Brody, who didn't have a collar on because he'd just been groomed. That neighbor took the dog to the SPCA in Lakeland, but said in a Facebook post they weren’t taking dogs that day.  

She said she couldn't keep Brody, because she had a dog of her own that wasn't friendly, so she gave him to two women in the SPCA parking lot who were there to adopt a dog. Candice Farrell, Brody's owner, only knows that the two women live in Winter Haven.

“It seems final that he’s not going to come back and scratch at the front door,” Farrell said.

They were in for a pleasant surprise. After 10News aired the story, Brody's owner was able to get in touch with the women that Brody was given to, and Wednesday evening, they were reunited!

Most dog owners will tell you theirs is like family, but Brody means even more to Farrell. His birthday is the same day her dad passed away from cancer.

"He was kind of coming into the world while my dad was going out of the world, and so he's always just kind of been my little buddy," she said.