SARASOTA, Fla. -- Donald Trump spoke at the Robarts Arena today and there was a large throng of supporters in line to greet the rancorous candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump took to Twitter after the event saying "Sarasota was an unbelievable success. We expected 5,000, a record, but 12,000 showed up! Great love in the air."

Even a Republican icon, the elephant, made an appearance at the otherwise media circus.

The line for the enthusiastic crowd was reportedly over a mile long, stretching from the arena down Ringling Boulevard.

Vendors hawking Trump gear are eagerly selling to the attendees.

The crowd was let in around 10 a.m. after heavy security screening by the Transportation Safety Administration and U.S. Secret Service.

And the rally was not without a throng of protesters holding anti-Trump signs.