LARGO, Fla. -- A woman is recovering from several bites she suffered while protecting her dog from another dog that attacked it, police say.

It happened Saturday morning at around 11:30am in Largo. Police say a woman was outside with her dog when a neighbor’s dog, a pit bull, came loose. They say that pit bull tried to attack the woman’s dog.

The woman tried to protect her dog and was bit multiple times by the pit bull, say police. The woman’s husband heard the commotion and came outside. He wasn’t able to get the pit bull to let go of the other dog, so he got a handgun and shot it twice.

When police arrived, it was clear the pit bull was suffering and barely alive. Its owner, who was on the scene, gave officers permission to put the dog down, which they did.

The woman who was bitten was treated for her injuries. Her dog was taken to a veterinarian. Its condition is unknown.

At this point, no charges have been filed.