LARGO, Fla. -- A Largo woman says shower door exploded for no reason, and she’s not the only one to complain about this

Cindy Henry says she was cleaning a shower door this week, when all of a sudden…

“It was one of the scariest things that happened to me in my entire life. It was like a bomb went off,” says Henry.

She says all she did was go to close the door when it “exploded.”

“It just shattered. Totally shattered,” says Henry.

In 2015, The Consumer Products Safety Commission, says it has received nearly 200 complaints about shattering glass shower doors that had injured adults and children in the last two years.

Tempered glass is what a shower door is made out of and it is designed to break into a million piece as a safety measure.

If one was to crash into a door, they could be killed if that glass broke in two pieces and cut or sliced somebody.

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