WINTER HAVEN, Fla.-- Legoland Florida and its adjoining hotel was evacuated of guests due to a bomb threat made against the park on Thursday.

Police say a bomb threat was made around 11:54 a.m. Winter Haven Police Department, along with the State Fire Marshal and the Polk County Sheriff's Office are searching the property.

According to WHPD, the bomb threat was written on a note found inside of the park. Authorities are treating the note as a direct threat, but acknowledged that it could have been a hoax.

Officials held a press conference about the bomb threat.

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All guests and employees were evacuated from the park by 12:43 p.m. There are no injuries reported to any staff or guests at Legoland, WHPD said.

Legoland released a statement on the bomb threat:

We received a bomb threat and evacuated the theme park and hotel for the safety and security of guests and employees, which remains our No. 1 priority. Winter Haven Police Department is investigating and our park will be closed for the remainder of Thursday for the investigation to continue.

After being closed for over five hours, the park reopened just before 5:30 Thursday evening. Law Enforcement officials concluded their search of Legoland and found no explosive devices on the property.

The park will return to normal operations tomorrow, October, 14, 2016. Guests staying at the hotel have been allowed back onto the property.

Officials are taking this threat very seriously and will continue to investigate the origin of the threat and charge the person(s) responsible to the fullest extent.