It was all smiles for Linda and Jerry Carlson when they got to thank Pasco 911 operator Rebecca Demedeiros, but it was a much different story on Oct. 8.

"He's not responding please hurry," the 911 caller said.

Jerry was having a heart attack.

"Listen to me so we can help him," Demedeiros said to the caller.

With Demedeiros' quick assistance ...

"Pump the chest hard and fast," Demedeiros told the caller.

Linda and her daughter were able to perform CPR.

"She just kept us focused I think that's part of what kept us going because we had no idea what we were doing," said Linda.

"Keep going you're doing a great job. 1, 2, 3, 4," Demedeiros told the caller.

Linda said, "In my mind, I'm going through oh my God what would I do if I lost him."

The caller said, "He took a breath, he took a breath."

"He died like three times before he got to the hospital," Linda said.

"It's amazing to actually be able to see someone make it and come back," Demedeiros said.

Linda said, "That's why we appreciate it so much because I don't think if it wasn't for her he would be here today."

"In that moment when that call's coming in I feel like I'm part of that family like I'm there," said Demedeiros.

Paramedics took over and credit the continued CPR for saving Larry.

"Very, very, very crucial that get the blood circulating. If they wouldn't have been doing that he wouldn't be sitting here," said Pasco fire rescue paramedic Thomas Casey.

Demedeiros says getting to meet a survivor who she helped save is bittersweet.

"When you hang up the phone you have no outlet. It doesn't go anywhere so when you actually get someone to come in and get a hug and get to see them smiling and upright it's very emotional," said Demedeiros.

"Oh I feel great almost ready to go back golfing, ha ha," Larry said.

Linda said, "It's great yes it's a miracle actually."

Larry received six broken ribs from the CPR and now has a pacemaker with defibrillator. He says he's almost ready to go golfing.