TAMPA, Fla. – Nearly one week after a family's beloved dog got loose from her kennel and ran from the tarmac at Tampa International Airport, the search continues for Brady the missing pup.

She was supposed to be loaded onto a plane last Wednesday for Bermuda, where her family had relocated, but before her crate was secured, airport officials say the dog chewed her way out, jumped, and ran away.

Now in a desperate panic to find their family dog, Christie Pannell has returned to Florida to help with the search. The family has hired a K9 handler with Lost Pet Professionals and strangers have volunteered to help find the boxer-hound mix.

"We’ve got a lot of great people here," Pannell said. “We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t have all that support and I appreciate that so much."

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Brady has been spotted a handful of times since her escape, including twice at a bar near the airport, which is where crews began their search Monday morning.

The search transitioned to an area off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in East Tampa where Pannell said they had received several tips from different people who said they'd spotted Brady in the same general area.

"The dogs have caught her scent so we’re just following as we go," Pannell said. "I’m feeling super anxious and I’m trying my hardest just not to break down and cry right now.”

Ross Wattercutter, who doesn't know Pannell or her family, assisted with the search after hearing about it on the news.

"Like any citizen would be, I was shocked that a dog could get out at the airport," he said. “I figured, hey I could do my part, make this world a better place, and just help these folks out.”

Last week, Delta airlines released the following statement:

"Delta and animal control continue the search for a dog that was being loaded onto a flight inTampa when it bit through the transfer kennel and ran into a heavily wooded area near the airport. We are in direct contact with the pet’s owner."

For Pannell, it's about bringing a member of her family home.

"Please, if you see her, just call because we just want her back right now," she said while holding back tears.

The family believes Brady is likely running around with injuries to her face. They say she is microchipped and they are urging anyone who sees her to not catch her, but call police or animal control instead.

A $1,500 reward is being offered to anyone who finds her.

No airline reported lost animals in 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation statistics. Delta reported five animals were injured and five died out of the 81,070 it transported last year, according to our reporting partners at the Tampa Bay Times.

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