SEFFNER, Fla. - The news came quickly, and so did the expenses.

“We found out from a regular doctor's checkup," Michael Leo said of his wife's leukemia diagnosis. "They called us back that she need to get to an ER and have a blood transfusion. Her blood was washed out from the leukemia."

Doctors said their home wasn’t safe for his wife, Katie. They needed new air ducts and carpet, along with sterilizing everything in the residence.

A new duct system can cost nearly $9,000, and medical bills were pilling up.

“I started upping the credit card to see what's the highest limit I could get to on the credit card and that's how we were going have to pay for it," Michael said. "Put it on the card and figure out how to pay for it later because it's something she needed to even come home."

Stephen Morrill with Scott's One Hour Air met with Michael to provide an estimate, but after hearing about Katie's condition, he wanted to do something more.

He gave the Leos a new duct system for free.

“We've had to work hard. Break our backs for every dollar we have ever earned," Michael said. "It was a shock yes. It was surreal."

The Leos received a Total Green Duct System and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) package that will help provide the sterile environment needed for Katie to come home.

Morrill, along with another co-worker, is donating his time to install the system.

Other local businesses are providing painting, plumbing and commercial cleaning services after the installation is completed this weekend.