They all came for different reasons but each fighting for the same thing.

“Say no to war in Syria and take a stand against the Muslim ban,” says Bill Aiman with Tampa Anti-War Committee. The group demonstrated Saturday at Dale Mabry Highway and Gandy Boulevard.

Paula Higgins knows first-hand what war can do to families.

“My husband was in the military. I'm a widow of a veteran,” says Higgins.

After Thursday's U.S. airstrike in Syria, Higgins says she fears it could lead to more innocent lives being lost.

“Trump should be the last one to start a war. He's never served, his father never served. Let's start with his family and see how that feels,” says Higgins.

Jessica Schwartz with Tampa Anti-War Committee feels some of President Donald Trump's decisions have been hypocritical.

“It's very despicable that he would not only intervene in Syria but then not allow the people who are trying to escape come into the county,” says Schwartz.

However, not everyone feels this way.

Some Florida leaders, like Sen. Bill Nelson, supported the strike. He tweeted, " I hope this teaches Assad not to use chemical weapons again."

“Gassing children and seeing them suffer as we have seen them in photos and film. I think Assad must go,” says Nelson.

Nelson also says he supports Trump using military force on Syria, if deemed necessary.

“I think the votes are there to pass authorization to conduct a war if that what it takes to solve the Syrian situation,” says Nelson.

For people like Schwartz, she's concerned about what a war can do to those on the frontline.

“It will cause further destruction and chaos for the people of Syria, as we have seen in Libya and Iraq,” says Schwartz.