RUSKIN, Fla. -- A motorcyclist died on Friday afternoon after a crash involving an altercation with the driver of a blue pickup.

Just before 3:30 on Friday, October 28th, 19-year-old Gilbert Lorenzo Escobedo was driving a 2002 Chevy pickup truck when he got into an argument -- started by 21-year-old Zachary Taylor Marcano -- on private property north of E. College Avenue on N. 30th Street. According to police, the two men were acquaintances.

Zachary Taylor Marcano 

In an attempt to flee the argument, Escobedo drove away from the area at a speed of about 70 mph, when he saw Marcano speeding up from behind on his motorcycle. Escobedo said Marcano drove along side of his truck and punched his driver's side rearview mirror before pulling in front of Escobedo as they were going about 60 mph.

According to Escobedo, as they approached the intersection of 19th Avenue NE, Marcano quickly slowed down. Escobedo said that he was driving too closely behind Marcano and he wasn't able to stop in time. Escobedo struck the back of Marcano's motorcycle causing Marcano to be ejected. Escobedo fled the scene of the crash and went home.

A separate vehicle, driving west on 19th Street NW, then struck Marcano and his motorcycle. He died at the scene.

Escobedo's truck was later discovered and a warrant was processed for impounding the vehicle.

On Saturday, Escobedo came forward to speak with police about what happened. He was arrested and charged with one count of Leaving the Scene of a Crash Resulting in Death. He is currently being booked into Orient Road Jail.