Tampa, Florida -- Comedy and politics collided on Sunday evening. The combination was a turnoff for some Amy Schumer fans who walked out of her Tampa show when she started bashing Donald Trump. We tracked down people from both sides of the debate who took to social media to make their voices heard.

Brigitte and Bo Strickland were looking forward to the Schumer show. They purchased tickets three months ago, hired a babysitter, and drove from Weeki Wachee to Tampa to check out her show. They say they were expecting some political jokes and agree some of the jokes about Republican presidential candidate Trump were funny for awhile.

Bo Strickland says, "When people started booing because they don't support her beliefs for her to have the arena turn the lights on and tell everybody who supports her to turn to someone who's booing and tell them bye bye it was time to leave at that point."

He adds, “The whole tempo changed it went from a comedy show -- to a rally -- to a political rally."

Brigitte and Bo are Trump supporters. They walked out and say hundreds more followed them. They believe it was a lot more than two hundred people too.

Suzanne Brunner believes Trump supporters overreacted. She wasn’t at the show but took to our 10News Facebook page and told us, "I don't understand why people are upset.” She says people should have had an idea of what they were getting themselves into before even buying a ticket to her concert.

Schumer mocks Trump; his supporters walk out

She says, "I don't think any of those people went there expecting knock-knock jokes. I think everyone knows that who's she's been supporting this whole time. Chuck Schumer is her uncle." She points to the fact that the two have even been campaigning for Hillary Clinton for some time.

Brunner is no fan of Schumer either but says trying to get a refund for the show is taking it too far. She adds, "I didn't go to the show -- she's too crass for me. But I don't know what someone would have been expecting at an Amy Schumer show either -- that's exactly what I'd expect."

The Stricklands are still waiting for their refund that was promised to them. They say the entire night set them back about $500.