On the surface they look pretty innocent.. a new app to talk to your friends, send them photos or meet new people.

But smartsocial.com, a website helping parents monitor kids social media, says look a little closer and your kid may be giving up their location to a stranger or other personal information.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are fairly well-known.

But then you have Calculator Private Photo App, which is designed to help kids hide photos and videos.

You pull up the calculator, enter your password and access whatever photos you're trying to hide. These photos don't show up in the phone's photo app.

The Whisper app is a place where users anonymously post a meme version of their darkest secrets. People can direct message you, possibly setting up a place to meet.

The After School app is a private messaging board for a school where you can send messages or videos to anyone.

I signed up for it and there are thousands of kids on there from right here in Tampa Bay.

The problem is it's a big forum for bullying and since it's anonymous you don't know who is talking to your kid.

The Yellow app has been called "Tinder for Teens" - it allows users to swap texts and photos with nearby strangers.

It's supposed to be for those 17 and older, but that's not reinforced.

You enter your name, birthday, location, sexual interest and upload pictures of you then it connects you with people close by. But some say it's used to send naked pictures.

When you look at the communicating apps like Kik messenger. It looks like just another messaging app. But the app has a built-in web browser and internal apps like games, or an app called Flirt! to meet people, The concern here: since kKik is anonymous you really have no idea who your kid is talking to.

So what do you do? Talk to your kid and look through their phone to see what apps they are using.

Research those apps so you truly understand the multiple layers inside them and what information your kid is giving away to strangers.

And that's not all you can do.

The common thread with a lot of these bad apps is that they allow users to be anonymous.

If your kid is using one of these apps, consider having them use another one like Facebook Messenger, which is tied to a person's facebook account, giving you a little more info on who that person might be.