Food delivery is nothing new. But the at-home delivery craze for groceries is now hitting the Tampa Bay area.

Laura Kelly's a busy mom to twin three-year-olds. She describes a trip to the store with her children as “wild and crazy”.

So, Kelly skips the grocery store in place of a service called Shipt.

"I put my order in on my phone and through the app. They text me if something's not on the list."

That's where Shipt personal shopper Veronika Cook comes in. When she gets the order on her phone, she heads to Publix, does the shopping, and delivers the groceries to Kelly’s home.

“I’ve delivered to college kids whose parents ordered out of state. Also, moms who are busy and elderly peoples who can’t get out of their homes,” said Cook.

Orders can be placed one hour to one week in advance. There is an annual membership fee of $99 and a $7 fee if your order isn't over $35.

Kelly says “It's just a relief. It’s another thing I don't have to worry or think about…and the stress of that I don't have to schedule with everything I have going on in life”.

Walmart is also upping the convenience game with pickup grocery service. Customers can place the order online or on their phone. A shopper puts together the order, customers select a pickup time and then the groceries are loaded into their trunk.

"Convenience. Total convenience. Especially if it's really, really hot outside like it usually is or if it’s raining. I don’t have to get out of my car or search for parking. It’s very convenient,” explained shopper Diane Sivertson.

"It's the future. Our goal is to take this experience and expand it even further,” said Ryan Reed.

There’s no fee and no wait time to check out.

"I started visiting it because I was having difficulty walking because of back pain ... but shopped the store for a year,” said Tricia Dieninger.

Alcohol is the newest delivery trend

Drizly offers at at-home delivery service for wine, beer and liquor in the Tampa Bay area -- just order through their app.

“With the advancement of technology it was ripe for it to come. As technology continues to advance it will get even more convenient for the customer,” explained regional manager Charlie Klaus.

Customers range from people who need something on demand to corporate events, You can order a few hours in advance or 14 days in advance.

There is a fee of $5 no matter how large the order. The company also has technology in place to verify a buyer’s age.

UberEats is also a new trend in Tampa. There are 75 restaurants that deliver to your home. The delivery fee is just under $5.

How popular is this trend? According to a Harris Poll, conducted this summer, 31% of Americans purchased a food product online in the last 6 months.