At Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, there's always something new.

“This is Kipenzi,” says Chris Massaro who oversees all the animals at Lowry Park Zoo.

Including this little boy here, born just a few months back.

“One of our newest babies,” says Massaro.

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You could say the zoo had its own little baby boom.

No giraffe, because all the one's here are boys.

But there was Berisi, a Malayan tiger, Tengahari, a baby tapir, and then Kipenzi, a white rhino. All born with in a three-day period.

“We have what we call SSPs, Species survival programs. What we do with those, we take specific animals that are with breeding conservation programs and regulate breeding with in all North American zoos. Those animals are recommended for breeding. We joke around like it’s an online dating service for animals. They know all the genetics for animals of the population. So in order to keep a good genetic grouping of animals as well as reduce, don’t want too many animals so and end up not having proper room, so it’s all about proper coordination and management in breeding,” says Massaro.

And if you think maybe we can watch the next animal at the zoo give birth live like April ...

“You never can tell. I won’t give anything away. We do make sure following several SSP programs and several endangered species,” says Massaro.

The zoo says it does not have any animal cameras as of yet but it is something under discussion.