TAMPA, Fla. — On Thursday, Tampa police released new video of a person captured on surveillance video near where one of the three Seminole Heights murders occurred earlier this month.

The video shows a thin individual walking towards the shooting scene and flipping what appears to be a cell phone, according to investigators. In other video clips, the subject is seen quickly running in the other direction shortly after the shooting occurred.

10News has Human Behavior Expert Susan Constantine-Perfido of The Human Behavior Lab to take us through the video to point out the clues that might help investigators crack the case.

“What I’m watching is this person of interest walking very confidently,” said Constantine-Perfido. “He doesn’t have a care in the world, shoulders up. This person is very confident. This person knows exactly where he’s going.”

She says the first major clue is how the person seen in the video is flipping the apparent phone.

“You might see that with someone who plays cards or someone who may be a bartender,” said Constantine-Perfido. “I think that person does that often.”

She also says the hand the person is holding their phone in is significant as well. “He is using his dominant hand which is his right hand. That’s the one he eats with, drinks with, and maybe smokes with.”

She points out how the person is seen walking holding the phone in one direction and can be seen running away from the scene holding one hand in their pocket. “That is the one that is actually swinging. The left hand is now concealed,” said Constantine-Perfido who believes the person seen in the video may have an injured hand or is possibly trying to conceal something in their pocket.

Susan says she’s also able to make assumptions about the person’s personality based on how they walk.

“This is a highly intelligent individual. This is someone who is very calculated, lack of emotion, and could possibly be a sociopath.”