The biological parents of the baby boy killed while in foster care have now also been arrested and charged with criminal neglect.

The documents show that Aedyn Agminalis had a tough life from the start. His biological mother told us on Thursday how she voluntarily gave him up after a child protective investigator visited their home last year.

“We'd been discussing putting him up for adoption. I thought maybe they can give him things we can’t, like medical attention,” says Amber Agminalis.

Detectives investigate death of child in foster care

But not long after our interview, Amber and her husband, Brynn, were charged with child neglect.

The reason for the charges? The investigator found conditions were deplorable and 1-year-old Aedyn was malnourished. Amber told us, in her eyes it wasn't that bad.

"We did have a little bit of a mess in the living room. We had a couch in his bedroom that was clean,” says Agminalis.

But an arrest affidavit also shows the parents would leave the baby in the crib for several hours with fecal matter over the walls and crib, and that the right side of the victim's head was flat from lying on it.

When Aedyn was removed, the open investigation into his biological parents was handed over to the state attorney’s office. After collecting medical records and proper evidence for a warrant to be issued.