Largo police are looking for a holiday thief, or several of them, responsible for stealing more than $15,000 worth of valuables, including Christmas gifts, from one family and may be responsible for other break-ins in the area.

Alyssa Rambo came home from work Wednesday morning and could sense something was wrong.

“My garage is right when I walk in and the door was wide open. Something just freaked me out. So I ran outside. I called my fiancé and I said, 'Call me ASAP, I think someone is in the house.'”

She immediately called police and her fears were confirmed.

“Two male officers came in and they did everything, fingerprints, pictures,”

Rambo showed pictures of her ransacked home. Many of the drawers were left open and clothes were everywhere.

“The kid’s rooms were completely fine. They weren’t looking for children’s stuff; they were looking for electronics, money, and jewelry.”

Her engagement ring was among the items taken. Rambo says she leaves it at home in its box because she can’t wear it to work.

“It’s not just a ring. So many people are like, 'It's just material.' I know it’s that, but it’s so much more than that. It’s everything to me.”

Rambo says whoever it was climbed over her back fence. She says they smashed her bathroom window and climbed in.

Police are looking at neighbors' surveillance video showing what appears to be a young man walking through yards, looking through windows.

A surveillance photo shows a possible suspect in the burglary.

“I’m scared to go into my house," said Rambo. "I’m scared for my children. This is a great neighborhood. I grew up in this neighborhood.”

Rambo got the window fixed and rewrapped the gifts left behind to keep her kids from learning of the holiday thief. But she’s heartbroken the one thing that means so much to her, she’ll likely never get back.

If you recognize the person in the surveillance pictures you’re asked to call Largo police at (727) 587-6730