TAMPA, Fla. -- Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has filed a petition to keep a Tampa man, who peeks through the windows of her Tampa home, away from her

Bondi filed a petition in Hillsborough Circuit Court asking that 51-year-old William Norman Wilkes be kept away because he also sends her unsolicited text messages expressing his appreciation for her "physical attributes," according to the Tampa Bay Times

"It is terrifying when a man tries to enter your home in the middle of the night," Bondi responded to the Tampa Bay Times in an email. "I do not plan to discuss this personal matter further."

About 3 a.m. March 19, the attorney general called 911 after Wilkes banged in her front door. Tampa police reported that she could see it was him. He also was seen on surveillance video.

"He was agitating her dog by tapping on the glass," the report stated.

Wilkes is charged with trespassing, stalking and other charges.

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