"Make sure James is safe," said Jordan Cox.

The soft words of 8-year-old Jordan praying with his family for Capt. James Steffens are having a lasting impact on the 28-year veteran.

"It’s going to live with me because it hit that reset button because this little kid’s got our back," said Steffens, of the Pasco Sheriff's Office.

Jordan says he just wanted to help protect Steffens.

"All the danger that cops go through trying to save people," Jordan said.

The family says they were just driving down the road and saw a sign that said to come meet a Pasco sheriff’s deputy and have coffee at McDonald’s, but it was Jordan’s idea to pray with him.

"Praying so he can be safe and so he doesn’t get hurt I just thought it was a good idea," Jordan said.

Coffee with a cop day started pretty normal, Steffens showed Jordan and his sister a bulletproof vest.

"For him to turn around take my hand and say I want to say a prayer for you and your police officers what do you do with that," Steffens said.

Steffens says he’d had a tough week with unthinkable crimes and Jordan’s prayer helped changed that.

"He really helped me through bringing this week to conclusion on a high note," Steffenns said.

"To keep the cop safe and all those people that were in the hurricane just help them and bless them and make sure that they’re safe," Jordan said.

It’s not the first time Jordan’s prayed with strangers.

"He immediately goes and prays with people he did this in the middle of Subway the other night," said dad Brian Zitt.

Steffens says the gesture affects all law enforcement.

"It’s things like that that get beneath all that surface and all that hardness and it gets you where you don’t like to admit it gets you," said Steffens.

Zitt said, "Until day we die we will be praying for them because we love them. Right? Yes. Right? Yep. Yep."

Jordan says he has thoughts of maybe becoming a pastor like his dad.