SARASOTA, Fla. -- Cosmopolitan magazine is getting slammed for a "click bait" headline used on social media: "How this woman lost 44 pounds without 'any' exercise."

Sounds like your typical Cosmo article.  But then you click on it to find out that woman lost 44 pounds -- after battling cancer!

The article is about an Australian mom learning to love her body after major health issues: Infections, organ removal, a partial lung collapse -- and a rare form of cancer. Cosmo has since deleted the tweet.

But people aren't letting them forget how insensitive it was. The overall reaction on social media: "cancer is not a diet plan!"

<p>"It makes me sad that somebody would sensationalize a diagnosis like that,” says Nancy Arambasick, breast cancer survivor. WTSP photo</p>

"It makes me sad that somebody would sensationalize a diagnosis like that,” says Nancy Arambasick, breast cancer survivor.

Five years ago today during Holy Week, the registered nurse got the devastating news. She says, “It was 6:05 on a Wednesday. When you find you have cancer you don’t forget that time.”

Fast forward to this month. “I’m 5 years, 5 years cancer free won that victory but it’s always in the back of mind yet though,” says Nancy.

The road to victory wasn’t easy for this 62-year-old nurse who heads the volunteer program at Doctor’s Hospital in Sarasota.

Nancy says, “Multiple surgeries, medication, scares, the unknown, finding out the diagnoses, the mental anguish you go through…it can’t be described in words.”

Nancy also had a double bilateral mastectomy. She says the medicines made her gain not lose weight as the Cosmo article claims.

What message does it send to cancer survivors?

Nancy says, “It feels like it belittles folks like me, people like me who’ve gone through cancer treatments, surgeries, multiple surgeries and the strength cancer patients have to have to get through and their families.”

What does Nancy send to Cosmopolitan Magazine today?

Nancy says, “Research everything. Check your facts before putting in print before folks like me. Millions of women and women who struggle with cancer and now be survivors read it ... do justice to us ... treat us how we should be treated.”

The story's headline on Cosmo now says "A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever."

There's a note from the editor saying the story was updated.

But it's not clear if the actual article ever had the same headline that was used on Twitter.

Cosmopolitan hasn't commented on the story.