ST. PETERSBURG — We posted news of Carrie Fisher’s autopsy on Facebook.

She had cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy in her system.

Many of our viewers wanted to know why this information had to be released and why we were posting it.

We're talking about her and her untimely death because the autopsy confirms this is about something way bigger than Fisher or Princess Leia.

Right now. we're dealing with one of the biggest problems facing the United States in recent memory - a debilitating level of addiction.

Just two years ago, more than 10-million people died because of opioid overdoses. That's the same size of the entire population of the state of Georgia.

It’s awful and it’s wrong. That number doesn't even count the other addiction-related deaths that year.

So we're talking about Fisher - Princess Leia - and her battle with addiction - because we need to.

“Carrie Fisher - known as Princess Leia - was nothing more than just a person. She was a human being with exceptional acting talent. But she possessed no super powers,” said Footprints Beachside Recovery founder John Templeton. “She was no stronger than any other addict in regards to her addiction. Many many people that are in recovery may have another relapse in them, but they don't have another recovery in them.”

Fisher was open about her struggle. She sought help throughout her life, but ultimately relapsed again. That shouldn't change her legacy.

“For once, she was the first one to take care of herself,” said Emerald City Comics marketing director Darryl Blaker. “She grabbed the blaster and showed Luke and Han how to get out of here. It seems like she hit the roadblocks and stumbled but then she got up and said I've got things to do and didn't just curl up and wait for someone to take care of her.”

Just four years ago, Fisher told People magazine, "The only lesson for me, or anybody, is that you have to get help. I'm not embarrassed."

If drugs or alcohol are interfering with your life, we want to help.

Learn To Fish Women's Recovery Center is also a nonprofit facility operating over ten years specializing in teaching women how to get sober and Live sober.