The Modern Nativity is generating a lot of talk on social media. The $130 scene depicts Joseph taking a selfie and Mary holding a Starbucks cup. The Three Wise Men are on Segways with boxes from Amazon.

So is this just a creative take on the Christmas Story or is it blasphemy?

10News WTSP went to a Bradenton church today where members are getting ready for the annual "Walk through Bethlehem" to get some answers.

"We have a person give a little background about Bethlehem."

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For the past 11 years, Tammy Bass has organized this labor of love, bringing the story of Jesus Christ to life in 'The Walk Through Bethlehem' at Samoset First Baptist Church in Bradenton. "It gives people hope. That's what we have on our shirt, where hope is born."

"What we would be doing here is trying to get it as traditional as possible, but you see a lot of different things in the manger scenes." Pastor Roland Davis says the Hipster Nativity scene isn't something he would ever display, but he understands why some people might be drawn to it. "For the young folks, selfies and all of the other stuff that would be something. If it happened now definitely they'd have their cell phones and definitely they'd be taking pictures."

It makes this hipster scene more of a statement about modern day society. Bass doesn't really like it. "I do think it's irreverent and I think it's making it about themselves rather than Jesus. It's like they're missing the point."

Both Bass and Davis agree that if this nativity scene gets people talking about Jesus, it might actually turn out to be a good thing and the best thing they can do to counter it is show the truth. "He was an innocent child, he grew up and died on the cross and that was his purpose. God sent him because he wanted to show his love for the world."

And this weekend more than a thousand people will travel back in time at this little church to see the birth, death and resurrection of Christ. What they won't see in this real life re-enactment -- cell phones, Starbucks and Segways.