Sarasota, Florida- The parent of a Sarasota Little League player say a clerical error got her son kicked off the All-Star team.

When Grant Klingel started playing on the Sarasota little league team this year, his goal was to make the All-Star Team. His wish came true on June 1st.

However, all of that changed on Friday.

“I was walking up to practice ready to play and told I can’t play,” says Grant.

Denise Klingel, Grant’s mother says, “Jerseys were ordered, practice shirts with everybody’s names on it ordered. He picked out his number, ready to go.”

Denise says they had changed vacation plans and made reservations in Fort Myers for next month’s tournament.

“To me, it’s not right kids who made the All-Star team earned it,” says Denise.

Grant says, “It’s been aggravating disappointing I can’t play.”

A clerical error is keeping Grant and another student off of the All-Star team.

“I’m not one who made the mistake, my mom didn’t make the mistake and now it’s reflecting on me,” says Grant.

“They didn’t have enough kids to make a national and American team in our division so they had us combined as one,” explains Denise.

But Denise says the league didn’t file the waiver necessary so when it was time to pick an All-Star team, the division had too many teams. Grant and another student were not eligible so Denise tried to get answers.

“Until today when the news got involved, it’s the first call we’ve received from them,” says Denise.

Along with a visit from the Sarasota Little League president Gregg Martello.

Martello met Grant and Denise at the baseball field in Venice. Martello said, “I want to say I’m sorry Grant face to face. See what we can do to work it out.”

“Why does Grant have to be punished?” asked Denise’s mother.

Martello says, “I want to see Grant play no benefit not to see him play.”

When asked why he and the coach who’s also the district administrator still picked All Star players from a team that’s not eligible?

“I simply didn’t know the rule, I don’t know how I or he didn’t know,” answers Martello.

Martello says they tried to appeal to the Little League Baseball Southern Region office but were denied but promised to try again.

Martello says, “It was a mistake didn’t realize it, trying to fix it.”

“I hope they can fix it so I can play,” says Grant.

The district administrator who was also Grant's coach did not return our calls. 10News took the players' case higher up to Little League Baseball.

Brian McClintock with the national office told 10News “little league regional staff is working with the district and local league volunteers to clarify the matter."

The tournament is July 14-16.