RIVERVIEW - Security cameras caught him in the act and now club security for the Dallas Bull says they’re close to catching a man who sprayed pepper spray on club goers.

It happened shortly after one on Sunday morning..A late night at the Dallas Bull was winding down when a guy pulled out pepper spray, sprayed it and walked out. Within 10 seconds others in the crowd were overcome.

Dozens ran outside coughing, choking and gasping for air. Shea Olsen was one of those people and she called 911.

“It took our breath away. It felt like needles in the back of our throat,” she said.

According to security, paramedics arrived and treated several with breathing problems, including one person who has asthma.

Jose Romero heads up club security. He says it’s clear this was not an accident, but he still doesn’t know exactly why the man did it.

“Unfortunately, when you do look at the tape it looks like he was probably joking around and the joke got a little too serious and unfortunately it ruined everyone’s night,” he said.

Romero says obviously for those affected by the pepper spray it wasn’t a joke. He’s now following leads from Facebook. The video’s been shared more than 1,100 times.

The Dallas Bull says when they confirm the identity of the pepper sprayer, he will be prosecuted and not allowed back in the club. It’s possible the club, its employees and affected customers could pursue charges.

“We’re going to do whatever possible to make sure our customers and patrons are protected and they feel safe,” Romero said.

Hillsborough County deputies say they did respond to calls for help on Sunday morning, but at that point, no one wanted to make a criminal complaint. According to deputies, it is not too late to file a report against the man.

Depending on the injuries from the pepper spray, the person in the video could face disorderly conduct or more serious charges.