Some families have traveled thousands of miles to enjoy the so-called Sunshine State, only to be welcomed by cold weather.

“It's a little unexpected. We were hoping for something warmer but it's not snowing so I’m good with that,” says tourist, Kevin Campbell.

campbell and his family came down to Tampa Bay from Toronto, Canada, to ditch the winter jackets.

So, instead of working on their tan, the family says they've been shopping around and trying restaurants.

Which is exactly why local businesses like Suncoast Surf Shop welcome the cold.

“We don't have a lot of foot traffic on the beach but we have people trying to escape the cold weather and come in here, see something they like and purchase it,” says Jordan Lefevre, employee and surf instructor at Suncoast Surf Shop.

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Sure, they're not selling as many paddle board lessons with the cold.

“It could be dangerous. You could be take away from the wind,” says Lefevre.

But Lefevre says items like jackets and long-sleeve shirts have been going fast.

“They come in here and shop, so it helps us,” says Lefevre.

The good news, the Bay area is expected to warm up later this week.

The bad news, some beachgoers are here for only a few days and the cold is all they will see.