TAMPA, Fla. -- Business leaders insist the upscale entertainment district of South Howard is still safe despite an April 1 drive-by shooting that left a man dead.

Leaders say the shooting was an isolated event at a rogue business, they said. That claim is bolstered by statistics from the Tampa Police Department that show little change in the number of crimes in SoHo in recent years, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

In other recent cases, a woman walking home from Bella's was robbed at gunpoint along with valet attendants for Bern's Steak House. There also was a runner who fought off an attacker near Bern's Park and the case where a woman was abducted and robbed outside the Green Lemon.

And then there was Mike Franck, 34, an engineer from Tallahassee, who hung around the around after his friends had left and tried to shield others from the drive-by gunman firing at a hookah lounge.

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