If you are driving through South Tampa and you don't see your favorite restaurant "Datz" or their bakery "Dough" it's because it has changed its name for the weekend to Feedlot and Sow and their bakery to the Gourdery.

What gives? Things are a very strange at Datz. Co-owner Suzanne Perry says, "We are stealing their thunder a little bit, a little bit."

It seems it has given up its name outside and  look inside; which includes different menu items, and food!

What's going on? For Datz it's more than just signs, food and menu, it is literally stepping into a whole new look. "We had to cover ourselves with tats.  We have temporary tats if were really cool we would have real ones," said Perry.

At Feed Lot and Sow it's all about being hiptster cool.

Roger Perry is the other co-owner of Datz. He said,  "Yeah, we sort of are pranksters. We enjoy having fun and our staff love it."

You can't but help to notice that workers wearing cool glasses. And the servers and cooks have all have tattoos.


Perry says, "We admire and we love the Bakers on the other side of town. They are the cool people, they are they cool kids."

What bakers? Well it's Greg and Michelle Baker, literally that is their names. And they own The Refinery and Fodder and Shine, two nationally recognized eateries in Seminole Heights.

They noticed that staff look like them saying, "This is hysterical to us. It's very flattering."

This week the Bakers are also finalist for the renowned James Beard Award. Michelle Baker said, "The prestige of the James Beard Award is the Academy Awards for the culinary industry."

So these cool kids are honoring these cool kids -- the Bakers -- for their hard work and success in the food business. And also it's Halloween.

Datz is known for its pranks. On April Fool's Day it switch its format again to a Chinese restaurant.

The owners say you come in with a cool look Friday or Saturday they will give you a special prize and drink.