SARASOTA, Fla. -- Marcia Sohl started day two of the Frank Bybee Trial telling jurors several times.

“I only remember Frank trying to kill me,” says Sohl.

In cross-examination, the defense tried to punch holes in the 80-year-old woman’s memory regarding the night of January 11.

Sohl says, “Well I don’t care what color a pill was, but I do care I was tried to be killed twice in the same night 2 different fashions.”

“You have any issues with memory loss?” asks Ronald Kurpiers, defense attorney. Sohl responded, “No more than any other 80 years old.”

Bybee a former Sarasota Sheriff’s deputy is charged with 18 felonies including kidnapping, burglary, exploiting the elderly and attempted murder. Forensics photos showed her injuries.

“My focus that morning was the bruising here and this area. That type of bruising is not from a fall,” Sheila Stiles, Sohl’s neighbor, tells jurors.

But those injuries seen by Sohl’s neighbor Sheila Stiles around 8 that morning, did not raise a red flag to deputies who first responded to Sohl’s home 3 hours earlier.

Sgt. Johnathan Allan with the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office says, “She had small lacerations on the lip small amount of blood on the chin.”

Allan says Sohl remarked Bybee spent several hours cleaning up the crime scene before leaving. Sohl reported Bybee to Internal Affairs for harassment a month earlier.

“Some aspects of the crime scene…Things didn’t add up, maybe trying to get Bybee in trouble, also spoke to her mental health status,” says Allan.

Another deputy said he warned Bybee, Sohl accused him of the crime.

Deputy Michael Day says, “I was informing him she was mentioning his name. He said—I’ll deal with it.”

The deputies left but Sohl wasn’t satisfied. She called dispatch four more times to get deputies out again that afternoon and this time, Internal Affairs showed up.

“Did she appear to be a victim of a violent crime?” asked prosecutor Karen Fraivillig. Sgt. Richard Reilly with Internal Affairs replied, “She did!”

Jurors also saw surveillance video of Bybee allegedly making seven ATM withdraws from Sohl’s account. Sohl told jurors she never gave Bybee her pin, ID number or password. The trial is expected to last through next Friday.

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