PLANT CITY, FL. - Hurricane Irma hit Florida hard knocking out power, blowing down trees and forcing businesses and schools to close. Single R Ranch’s annual “Fox Squirrel Corn Maze” almost didn't happen after powerful winds, and flooding, damaged a lot of the corn, and knocked down trees across their property.

“We were blessed to see anything standing, we were concerned it would just completely wipe it out and it would be laid flat on the ground,” said Carson Futch, with the Fox Squirrel Corn Maze.

It took nearly 300 hours of work to get the grounds cleaned up, and while this year's maze may not be as tall or thick as years past, it's open for business.

Other attractions include a rubber duck race, pumpkin picking local vendors and live music.

With the cooler temperatures it's nice to get outside and enjoy some fall activities.