SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Fla. -- There are plenty of bars where you can take your dogs, but there are no dog parks that have a bar. That's about to change.

Todd Goldfarb looks over the plans he's worked on for the last year and a half. He wants to turn an empty, overgrown lot into a well-manicured dog park, but this would be a special park. "My wife turned to me and said wouldn't it be great if there were a place you could let your dog off leash and still have a beer and that's how the idea was born."

Summer and her dog Cooper live in Seminole Heights and love the idea. "Of course it's a win, win situation! Because Cooper gets to socialize and mom gets to socialize."

Unlike public dog parks, all dog owners would have to show vaccination papers and Goldfarb says there would be a small membership fee. "I know it's a hurdle and we didn't want to do it, but you have to do it to make everybody safe and there's going to be a $5 day pass and a $40 yearly fee."

Goldfarb thinks it's a perfect fit for this dog-friendly neighborhood, to give puppy parents a little break with a beer. "So it's just beer and wine, no liquor and we're going to have locally-brewed craft beers."

And if all goes as planned, Goldfarb, his wife Mara, and their two schnauzers, Frida and Diego, will be hanging out here enjoying a beer this fall. "There's a lot of neighborhood support for this project so hopefully people will come out."

The park still needs to be approved by the Tampa City Council. It's scheduled for a hearing Thursday, March 23 at 6 p.m. We will let you know what happens.