DADE CITY — Both presidential candidates are back in Florida for the second week in a row.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump will be in Miami, Orlando, Pensacola, then Jacksonville on Thursday.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are crisscrossing the Sunshine State with three events each on Tuesday.

It was a very intimate event at a rally in Dade City at Pasco-Hernando State College.

Most likely less than 1,000 people gathered to hear Hillary Clinton speak.

But with one week to go and Trump up in the polls in Florida, we saw a very different Hillary Clinton bringing the fire and on the offensive almost solely focusing on the GOP candidate and women.

“Oh my gosh. When we heard that tape…,” Clinton said. “(Now) 12 women have come forward and said, ‘what he did on that tape is what he did to me.’”

Clinton focused her message like a laser right on Trump's character and his statements and alleged actions towards women.

The biggest gun in this fight; A woman who nearly always gets a rise out of Trump -- the one he asked the world to find and watch a sex tape of -- former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

“He made fun of me,” Machado said. “He called me Miss Piggy.”

Machado introduced Clinton who parlayed her story into attack after attack on Trump's character and fitness to be president.

Clinton said Trump’s actions are those of a bully. “Thankfully Alicia refuses to let such a small person...decide her worth.”

Clinton knows women and the Hispanic vote can turn the tide for her in Florida. Expect her to hit that hard in her next two stops here in the state.

One thing we did not hear from Clinton -- one word about the FBI's actions into possibly reopening their investigation into her email server.