"This is absolutely absurd, it's ridiculous, you got kids missing school because of this," said Kenny Banaciski, who is furious with the dress code rules at Ridgewood High School in New Port Richey.

"I'm really outraged right now," Banaciski said.

Especially since his two sons just got in trouble for wearing shirts he says support their brother Tyler who is serving in the Army.

"They're sending kids home for something as minor as this. Now is that offensive to anyone if wearing a shirt from the U.S. military is offensive to someone then we're in the wrong school," Banaciski said.

"My brother's fighting for our freedom you know, I mean at least I want to represent what my brother's doing. He's risking his life for what for this," said Mitchell Banaciski.

10News WTSP took his concerns to the district which says the dress code was put in place to change the culture at Ridgewood.

"Like I said it is a dress code policy and it is to prepare students for the real world. When you go to work anywhere you go to work you have some type of dress code," said Linda Cobbe with Pasco schools.

According to the school's policy, it's all about logo size. No logo should be larger than a quarter, so if someone was wearing a 10News shirt to class they would be asked to change.

Cobbe said, "This is a pilot project it has been tweaked and revised."

"This administration needs to stop," Banaciski said.

Banaciski says simply honoring his family's military service should not violate any policy in a public school.

"They're going to school tomorrow wearing the same thing and if I got to come and pick them up I'll come pick them up," Banaciski said.

He says supporting his son's service is too important to quit now.

The district says the dress code policy is constantly evolving so some changes could come, but Ridgewood administration has the final say.