PALM HARBOR, Florida— For Billy and Angela Huckeby, the reminders of their son are all around.

“He was a musician. I got him his first guitar when he was 14 years old,” says Billy Huckeby.

His 25-year-old son Justin was one of three victims in a triple murder back in 2015. To help keep his memory alive the family had his ashes placed in cross-shaped necklaces given to Justin’s father and two surviving brothers.

“It’s like he’s with me anywhere I go you know,” said Justin’s father.

But last week when Justin’s brother Andrew went to grab his pendant out of the center consul of his car parked in Holiday, he noticed it and several other items including some CD’s and leftover change were missing. Turns out his white Chrysler Pacifica had been broken into.

“He was pretty upset,” said Angela Huckeby, Justin’s stepmother. “He called me right away to tell me, ‘Mom Justin’s cross is gone.’”

The sad part is the cross-shaped silver necklace is probably only worth about 5 or 10 dollars to anyone else… but to Justin’s mom, “It's priceless to me.”

Justin’s stepmom guesses the people who took her stepson’s pendant have no idea what it actually is.

“They don’t even know that it’s somebody’s ashes in it. It has a screw and it says Justin on the back.”

And with the loss of their son so recent and upcoming trial for his alleged killers the missing necklace comes at a difficult time.

“It’s still so fresh,” said Angela Huckeby. “It’s only been 2 years in February.”

There are still plenty of other reminders including Justin’s 5 year-old-son who Billy and Angela have since adopted. Even so, the Huckeby’s say they’d do almost anything to have Andrew’s sentimental pendant containing Justin’s ashes returned.

“It’s all he has left of his brother and we just want it back.”