You've likely seen it on Bay area roads: motorcyclists speeding and weaving in-and-out of traffic.

One daredevil biker is posting videos on a YouTube channel.

Troopers say the man is putting your life at risk as he speeds down Interstate  4.  He gets in road rage fights with other drivers, stops a semi-truck on the interstate when the truck driver didn’t use a blinker to change lanes, and intentionally drives the wrong way.

The CBS station in Orlando tracked down the 28-year-old biker, who is the son of a pastor.

He claims his videos show how other drivers put motorcyclists at risk.

10News has been focusing on bikers behaving badly around the Bay over the past year.

It makes you wonder what it’s going to take to slow down these wild rides and crazy stunts.  Killing someone? Prison time? 

A local father says even that won’t bring back his daughter.

“Dri­ving 80 miles an hour in a 45, passing people in the bicycle lane, is not an accident,” says father John Perkins.

What happened in 2015 isn’t just a motorcycle crash to Perkins. It’s the instant he lost his daughter, Rachel, and her kids lost their mom.

“They do they miss her a lot,” says Perkins.  So does he.

The 22-year-old had been a passenger on the bike, when Clearwater Police say driver Jerome Roberson had been speeding, driving crazy and hit the sidewalk.

Rachel hadn't been wearing a helmet and got thrown.  The young mother died right there.

Her dad believes the senseless crashes because of reckless bikers have to stop.

“His hand was on the throttle.  He was in control and had the responsibility of the safety of his passenger,” says Perkins.  “I certainly see it every day. Just this morning, I saw some guy whipping through traffic on these bikes.”

10News has shown you the dangers on our roads that not all bikers condone.

“We don't ride crazy,” one biker says. 

In the middle of the sentence as he talks about safety, another biker pops a wheelie.

“We don’t do that,” he says.

For Roberson's deadly decisions, he just made a deal with prosecutors: 14 years in prison for killing Rachel.

“I think he got off light, perhaps.  We're all doing life sentences,” says Perkins.

The state attorney's office tells 10News that after Roberson's released, right now that's in 2030, he'll spend 5 years on probation, lose his license for three years, have a curfew for a year-and-a-half, and must set up a $27,000 trust fund for Rachel's kids.

Rachel's dad says Roberson will still get to live his life.

"Maybe next time it won't happen to somebody else, but it will.  Nothing changes and people forget just like that.  I know we won't,” says Perkins.

Police are just as frustrated as you.  Officers keep stopping bikers and ticketing them, but will not chase them fearing for the safety of other drivers.

Officers say 30 mph over the speed limit lands them in front of a judge.  Wheelies can cost more than $1,000.