Germany's parliament is considering a bill that would fine social media sites for failing to remove illegal content, including hate speech and defamatory fake news. The fine could be up to 50 million euros, or about $53.4 million.

Such a law would be the most restrictive one yet when it comes to monitoring how social media sites prevent the spread of fake news.

Lawyers tell 10News WTSP in the United States, a law like this would most likely be deemed unconstitutional because it violates the right to free speech. Germany, on the other hand, has laws that ban publicly denying the Holocaust and openly promoting racism.

Even though a law prohibiting the spread of fake news would be highly unlikely, social media companies are releasing new features to help users identify and report fake news.

Facebook has a page in its Help Center that explains how users can spot fake news. Google is unveiling a feature that includes a fact check on stories in its News search.