PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WTSP) -- The flames near I-275 and Gandy Bouevard kept crews busy for hours Friday night, forcing evacuations at a mobile home park, tying up traffic and causing rush hour road rage.

“I thought we'd be home in 10 minutes, and it turned out to be two hours,” Michael Smith said.

Saturday afternoon, Florida Forest Service crews were putting out hotspots near the interstate, and still having to truck water in from down the road.

With limited access to water along the highway, you might be wondering why forestry didn't call in one of their helicopters Friday.

It turns out they tried to.

“We had a lot of fires statewide yesterday, a lot of big fires, and those helicopters were committed,” Senior Forest Ranger John DeWolfe said.

Even though it was a pain, the fire in Pinellas County wasn't threatening people or homes the way others were.

“When you're not able to get those aviation resources, you just got to beef up what you've got on the ground,” DeWolfe explained.

Fortunately, the fire is contained and the roads are back to normal.