TAMPA -- Five children were hospitalized Monday evening after a chemical was released at a Calypso Pool on Bearrs Ave.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded to the scene and evaluated the patients and evacuated the pool.

Five children were sent to the hospital for further examination after complaining they felt nausea and had stomach discomfort.

The store owner told officials that a thunderstorm caused a breaker to break on an indoor pool pump, causing extra amounts of chemicals to spill and not blend correctly before reaching the pool. 2.5 gallons of mixed Chlorine and Muriatic acid went into the pipe.

When the pump began to function properly again, it pushed the excess chemicals into the pool and caused a small cloud of chlorine gas.

Hazmat members were called to the scene and ventilated the building, making sure the pool chemicals were safely balanced. The pool and the building have been cleared.