CLEARWATER, Fla.— Losing a pregnancy is heartbreaking, and now Florida is making history for how the state legally acknowledges babies lost to miscarriage.

The Grieving Families Act, which was signed by Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday, offers certificate of non-viable birth, similar to a birth certificate, to parents who’ve lost a baby during pregnancy.

Babies lost after 9 weeks and before 20 weeks are eligible. It also allows parents to name the unborn baby.

The goal is to provide parents with a document acknowledging the loss of a child.

As many as 1 in 5 women who know they're pregnant have a miscarriage, so this affects a lot of families, certainly someone you know or perhaps even a relative.

That's one reason the bill may have had such overwhelming support in Tallahassee, because many of our lawmakers may have been closely affected at some point.