The Tampa Bay Times reports that the most recent study by ranked Florida as the worst of the worst with the country's most unsafe drivers in the country.

The ranking is based on the number of uninsured drivers, DUI arrests, crash deaths, and that Floridians Google questions about traffic tickets more than any other state based on Google trends data.

The high number of Google searches is what pushed Florida into the top spot. The phrases, "speeding tickets" and "traffic tickets" are searched more often than other states.

Florida has 76.2% of its drivers insured. That number put Florida in second place for uninsured drivers, just behind Mississippi.

Florida also has 4.45 drivers per every 1,000 arrests on DUI charges. This number is far below the worst state of Vermont which has 50.86 drivers per every 1,000 arrests on DUI charges.

About one person dies in an accident for close to every 10,000 drivers in Florida, but the worst in the country is Kentucky.