KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, Fla. -- Air and ground crews continued to search areas around Keystone Heights for a missing woman. Despite no signs of progress, authorities are still optimistic she will be found.

Authorities spent time re-searching areas roughly five miles around Cooper's home, including an open field.

"We want to find Jordan, she's important to us. These resources that we're utilizing are because we care about her and we want her located, but we have hope, so the thing about it is, is it's disappointing we haven't found her yet, but we have hope we are going to," said Chris Padgett with the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Jordan Cooper is 25 years old, but she has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old. She was last seen at her home at 6259 Payne Road in Keystone Heights.

She is described as being 4'11" and weighing about 110 pounds. Jordan has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and was possibly wearing a gray hoodie-style sweatshirt before she went missing.

A $10,000 reward was issued for the safe return of Cooper.

Clay County Sheriff's deputies said they are looking into a couple alleged sightings of Cooper.

Those deputies, alongside several other agencies of roughly 30 or more individuals total, have set up camp in Little Rain Lake Park in the search for Cooper.

U.S. Customs searched by aircraft, while deputies focused on a several-mile radius around Cooper's home. Rural areas with dirt roads and sand made the search even more difficult.

It's a troubling sight for neighbors, who aren't used to people going missing in their small town. One woman, who didn't want to reveal her identity, said deputies searched outside her house for Cooper.

"One of them did tell us he searched our house, our property," the woman said.

Deputies said this disappearance stands out because Cooper is someone who stays home, preferring to read books over leaving the house.

"It's very unusual the way that she left there not coming back. She only had a very isolated area that she liked to go to," Sgt. Keith Smith with the Clay County Sheriff's Office said.

Sgt. Smith said Clay deputies are hoping for a good outcome. So too, do neighbors.

"I hope she comes home safely, ASAP, definitely. it would be a relief for the whole family and the community as well," the woman said.

If you have any information about where Jordan may be, please call 904-264-6512 or e-mail