A new federal study ranked the states with the worst drivers based on factors such as reckless and drunk driving. And many Floridians are surprised the Sunshine State doesn’t even crack the top 10. In fact, it’s almost smack dab in the middle of the pack, at a respectable 28th.

“From what I see (on the roads), I don’t think that’s true,” David Williams said.

He said he sees people driving distracted, swerving in and out of traffic, speeding on a daily basis.

“Like they’re on the autobahn in Germany,” he joked.

The study seems to contradict other recent surveys. One named Interstate 4, running from Tampa to Daytona Beach, the deadliest highway in the entire country. Another said Florida had the second-highest rate of pedestrian deaths per capita in 2015.

And a third, released earlier this year, claims Florida’s drivers are flat out the worst in the U.S.

However, not everyone thinks drivers here are the worst.

“I think Florida has good drivers,” one driver offered.

So no matter how you feel or where you’re headed this holiday season, listen to Williams' advice.

“Just take your time,” he said. “You'll get there.”