ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WTSP) – When it comes to charity, a new study suggests Floridians aren’t the most cheerful of givers.

According to WalletHub, Florida ranked number 44 out 50, making it one of the least charitable states. It also came in last for having the lowest volunteer rate.

Source: WalletHub

The study looked at 13 different metrics including the percentage of income donated to what percentage of the state’s homeless population is sheltered. It also took a look at how much time people volunteered for charity.

Curious about the most charitable state? Utah came in number one for both volunteering/service and charitable giving. Minnesota and North Dakota came in second and third, respectively.

When it comes to giving, experts say do your research on your charity of choice, and give to a cause you are passionate about. Seth Powless, assistant professor of business and nonprofit management at Earlham College said the charity should also focus on a cause you will be passionate about long term.

“Hot button and acute issues are great, but if there is a risk your monies not going directly to those who need it, then you will quickly lose interest in ever returning to donate to that specific cause,” he said.

Experts say there’s no specific percentage of income one should give to charity, just make sure the amount donated is within your means.