BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- One Florida sheriff is taking a game show approach to fugitives. And he says it works.

Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey takes to the stage each Tuesday to spin the Wheel of Fugitive, according to WKMG. He spins the wheel to pick the fugitive of the week. The spin is produced just like a game show with theme music and crowd chant.

"It's a very unique approach to targeting criminals," Ivey said.

The sheriff said he knows the key to the success of the videos -- and the reason they are shared tens of thousands of times -- is fun.

"And sometimes mixing a little humor in there does it," Ivey told News 6.

The wheel contains pictures of wanted fugitives, absconders, convicted criminals and suspects in all types of crimes. The mug shot that the wheel lands on becomes the "fugitive of the week."

And he got some attention from Comedy Central.

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Ivey said the fugitives are usually arrested within days, sometimes hours, even minutes.

"I can tell you 76 percent of criminals we arrest knew they were on the Wheel of Fugitive," Ivey said. "Their inner circle, family, friends, co-criminal whatever it is, had already alerted them, or they watched it themselves. They show up at the jail and say, 'Hey, I saw myself on the wheel, I want to turn myself in.'"

During a special episode of "Wheel of Fugitive - Ladies' Night," Ivey danced during the opening song.