Some people who were setting up a Chinese food delivery driver for a robbery made a serious miscalculation, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

According to deputies, on Tuesday the driver was given a delivery order, so he drove to the address. When he arrived, he was greeted at the door by two men, one of whom pointed a green laser in his face. The laser was attached to a pistol.

The men ordered the driver inside. The driver tried to leave, but a third man armed with a handgun was standing behind him.

The driver threw the food at the third man, then pulled out a concealed Glock from his holster. He fired four or five shots at the men, backing away until he made it across the street and shouted for neighbors to call 911.

The driver was able to hold one of the suspects at gunpoint. Shortly afterward, one of the other suspects called and reported he had been shot.

The third suspect remains at large.